Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Is This a Poem?

Is this a poem?
You tell me 
It's a series of 
Random words
That I
Put on different lines
I've been drinking
Russian Vodka
Stolichnaya to be exact
It's good vodka
It brings out the poetry in a man
It taps into
My inner Pushkin and Pasternak
And riles my ra ra Rasputin
я люблю тебя
Da ya lyublyu tebya
Dorogaya - Darling ya lyublyu
I love you
As you lay next to me.
I want to lie in your arms
But like the USSR
We are doomed
I, like Laika
Orbit around you
Your faithful companion
But like that trusting canine
I will burn up
In your atmosphere
And my dust will irritate you
Like the pollen from the cherry trees
In the park
Like the blossom
Our love is
I inhale the scent
And am intoxicated
But we will sneeze
And with a
Bless you
Our moment will

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