Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Poetry in motion

Poetry in motion
It exercises the mind
Putting words in context
Take it as you find
I'm not planning on rhyming
As I write this little ditty
But that's the way my mind works
Its fucked up and slightly shitty
Poets should be writing
About hosts of daffodils
But after too much vodka
My brian waves are somewhat shrill
Let's write about some sunset
Or raw feelings and loves test
But maybe writing rubbish
Shows talent at its best
I want to write like Lear
The characters of Carroll
Have my bunny rabbits
Spinning in a barrel
Because nonsense honestly
Is a Milligan necessity
A ning nang nong
Fucking responsibility 
So don't rhyme about love
And human emotions
No words that tell us to
Take that sickly potion
But tell me about
The bandersnatch and the pea green boat
And the cow that jumped over the moon
I'll oblige and take my coat 
Because the verse that's worse
Is terse - a curse.
But what is worst is
A verse that's cursed


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