Thursday, December 31, 2009

3 years later......

...and I think I have got my muse back. I don't know where she went, but I have my suspicions that my Ukrainian wife had scared her off. So obviously I had to get rid of the wife. Er, if the powers that be are reading this I don't mean 'got rid of her' in the sense that you need to come and dig up my garden (although it could do with a good turn over), no what I mean is that we are now divorced and she is living happily with her new passport and results of her UK citizenship tests.

So if the proof is in the pudding here I am back blogging and feeling like I want to write again. So perhaps all's well that ends well. Its New Years Eve and Ive been wanting to do one of those projects that makes you rich when some publisher or producer finds your blog and enjoys it so much they immediately want to pay you loads of money for the book and film rights. So I have been toying with a few ideas. Obviously Belle de Jour cornered the prostitution market so that's out. And in truth I didn't really see myself as a high class 55 year old male hooker - and I'm not sure what the market is like here in Plymouth - I guess all those matlots have lots of money when they come off their ships - but think about the diseases - eek.

No I need something different, something eye catching and new and modern. Phew its hard. I'm thinking about posting a picture a day - so a picture about my life every single day of the year. I know its been done before but this year I am looking to change my life. I'm fed up with my job and am seriously looking to move. So it might be quite significant. Ive started the change by resigning a job I had with the Open University. So I am on the path - lets hope its not a slippery slope.

So that's what I going to try and do. The problem is, is I am going to fall at the starting line as I am off to Gran Canaria on Saturday and may not be able to blog till I get home. I going to set up my phone to be able to blog from it - but I may be prohibitively expensive unless I can find free wi fi.

So the first pick will be New Years Day.

Lets hope my muse stays with me for the year!