Friday, June 15, 2012

Another British Soldier

Another British Soldier dying in the Dust
Another British PM saying I must
Take war to the enemy
Despite it being a felony
Got to protect this liberty
Pursuing our democracy
Amongst the medieval peasantry
Holding advanced western weaponry
We kill them all with enmity
It’s our speciality
We can’t show no empathy
For the Islamic mentality
This Taliban pedigree
Their dying is heavenly
We call it blind zealotry
A murderous recipe
For war almost endlessly
But the bloody legacy
Is our soldiers dying helplessly
With newscasters breathlessly
Reciting the elegy
As the wives cry helplessly
That age-old melody
That scores the serenity
Of the politicians confidentiality
As they bow to the hegemony
Of wars cruel necessity
And the infallible cruelty
That makes children twitch hysterically
On the roads into Ghanzi
As they die so regrettably
By digital telemetry
Sending them to the cemetery
As we look on contemptuously
Not seeing the potentiality
Of leaving the country peacefully
And the children playing happily
Full of life and expectancy
But we know that eventually
Like the great Nations historically
Left Afghanistan unpleasantly
As their soldiers died steadily
On the plains of the Afghani
That our time will be presently
Let us do it now readily
Sooner not later preferably
Leaving Afghanistan is a must
Stop our soliders dying in that dust.