Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Work poem

When sat at a desk
And watching the clocks
Life doesn’t exist
Every. Thing.  Stops.

Mud fills your brain
Blood pools in your feet
The vitality drains
You’re just meat

Each minute an hour
The seconds slink by
Each moment an eon
Recurring like pi

Slave to the moment
The flickering screen
No doubt about it
It’s no dream

It’s death by boredom
This terrorist time
Each second a cut
A pain sublime.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wedding Poem

Back to you... - by Dr. Rob Burton

Published: 22 Jun 2011 - in wedding poems
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It's icy on the outside
The fields go flashing by
Dark skeletons of tree branch
Against the darkening sky.

White fields of icy sculpture
The grass an icing froth
Sheep huddled against the hayrick
The lakes a solid broth.

Ghostly shapes emerging
From the riming mist
Bushes sparkling brightly
Whitely blushing, frosty kissed.

Quilted horses blowing steam
Above the icy stream
Trains hot blasting
Through this winter dream.

England in the winter
A monochromatic view
From my speeding window
On the train right back to you
Back to your smile
The one that saved my life
Through snow and rain and ice
To the warm arms of my loving wife.

By Dr. Rob Burton

This poem was selected as a runner-up of a nationwide poetry competition run by Marriott Hotels in March 2011.