Friday, January 29, 2010

BirdGuides Photo of the Year 2009


I saw this and thought you should see it:

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wee wee

PostSecret Number of gallons of water saved in one year by peeing in the shower daily: 1,157

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Friday, January 15, 2010

First Great Western Trains

I'm on the last train to nowhere
It's going awful slow
It will take just two eternities
To get to somewhere I know

Then if I get to Taunton
Two million light years yet
It'll only be three eons
Before Totnes I bet

And after endless ages
Have slowly gone astray
We might make Newton Abbot
Hip hip hip hip hurray

And through time and space an swirly stuff
To that timewarped Ivybridge
Where the sands of time stand stilly stalled
Well haul in the sails and luff

So the winds of time can blow us
Through centuries of time
If I thought it any quicker
I might have took the bus

And although this mighty traveller is grizzled and he's tough
The ages he has travelled have been hard and mighty rough
But he'll not roar and moan or get all nasty gruff
But please please please please please please please let me off in old

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome home!

Heerrumph this is me crossing Dartmoor en-route home after the sun, sex and nakedness of my winter sun break. Back to work tomorrow - Ill just pause for another hurump!

Lots of snow over the moors, but even as I was toasting in the canarian sun there was a little bit of me that was yearning to get home to see the snow. Its strange isn't it - how we Brits like our seasons. One often hears of ex-pats complaining that they miss the seasons in their parched part of the world and I slightly understood that.

I went for a walk through the local woods and I must say it was startlingly beautiful. The snow on the trees, carpeting the ground - I took some photos which I'll post once they are off my camera.

So back to work - harump!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

The last parrot

This is the last post from Gran Canaria where I'm girding my timbers
cos I'm certain to be shivering em back in the uk tonite.

So this is a parrot, a captive parrot which I am not in favour of. But
at least it's not extinct like the Norwegian Blue. And here in Gran
Canaria I have seen a real flock of live parrots or parotkeets flying

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The last parrot

Friday, January 08, 2010

Naked Beach Volleyball

Ok you had it coming and it is my last main day. I wasn't going to
post much nakedness but couldn't help it. Here is the naked beach
volleyball I happened upon today. It was a shock. I don't want to
stereotype but I think they were all German.

This picture also illustrates the meerkatism that seems to inflict
these people as soon as they are naked ie the standing up legs akimbo
hands on hips stance showing it off to the world. And that's both
males and females and all nationalities not just the Germans - I am
not being discriminitory here.

I also went for a swim in the sea with a lot of naked people. I'm glad
I kept my board shorts on because the rip was so strong that I'm sure
some knackers must have been ripped off! Indeed just after I got put
the life guard made people leave the water or a least only paddle.

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Naked beach volleyball

Thursday, January 07, 2010


This is a picture of the jacuzzi in my hotel grounds (ignore my feet
please) there are three jacuzzis. Sounds a treat doesn't it. And they
are heated to a nice barhwater type temperature. And I'm sure you'll
agree that people look relaxed in them.

Yes relaxing nicely in a warm soup of bacteria, germs, sweat and other
bodily fluids, urine, faeces, skin cells, DNA, dirt and and I can't/
daren't think what else. I'm not going anywhere near them!

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DNA jacussi

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Today, 6th Jan is Christmas in Gran Canaria And Spain - when the three
wise men leave gifts for the children. In Britain I understand that
the gift has been 6 inches of Snow and Bristol airport is shut. I
wonder if I'll get home this Saturday?

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Sorry about yesterday I couldn't find a wifi spot so had to do it
today. I thought that because most of you are up to your armpits in
snow I would send some topical tropical pics. So this ones bouganville
from along the prom prom prom.

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Sunday, January 03, 2010


The choice today folks was these great windmills made from drink cans
on the beach at Playa Del Ingles Gran Canaria (temp 29 degrees today)
or pictures from the nudist beach I seem to have wandered onto this

I'll tell you it is pretty surreal standing at a beach bar with naked
men and women next to you. And can you tell me why all nudists seem to
spend a disproportionate lenght of tome standing with their hands on
their hips. I have never noticed us clothies doing that on a beach. Or
why do they seem to have to do a lot of things by bending over?

Here's a fashion tip girls - a lot of women seem to be shaving their
bits - I can tell you for a fact it's quite disconcerting to come face
to face with so many outside of an intimate session with a girlfriend
or porno mags!

Having a great time - wish you were here!
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Drink can windmills Playa del Ingles

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Gran Canaria

So here I am sitting on the pormenade in Playa Del Ingles Gran
Canaria. I'm surfing on someones Internet connect as there isn't one
in the hotel I'm staying in.

I sent the photo below after I spotted this huge arrow on the top of
the clouds pointing the way back home. Is that an omen or what? Or
maybe it's a regular sign put there so pilots can find their way back.
Who knows?

It's 18 degrees here at the moment. And it's 9:30 at night - bliss.
There's a huge full moon out over the Atlantic and I've got a big
bottle of cold beer.

I'm glad I could get my picture off though.

More tomorrow!

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Arrow in the clouds pointing the way back home - taken from the airplane

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy new year

Below is the first picture of the new year and the start of my project. This is a sparkler sparkling after the bang and flash of a firework show in a field in deepest darkest Devon. Brilliant new moon bright enough to read the DTI instructions 'Do not set off fireworks after 11pm'  so let's start the new decade as we mean to go on - breaking the rules!!!!  Happy New Decade!

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Happy new year.