Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Poem

Ho ho ho it's Christmas Eve
There's nothing on the tele
All that's left for me to do
Is contemplate my belly

I'm having Christmas Home alone
No festive fun for me
No tinsel baubles shiny bright
No poor sad dying tree

No turkey death on the plate
No turnip, spud or sprout
No Christmas pud in alcohol
No relatives to chuck right out

Oh I've got my loverly choc Brazils
And my mighty mincey pies
Ive got the cheese and biscuits
Not telling any lies

I don't believe that Jesus said
Go get yourself in debt
Force feed yourself with Turkey
To honour what my life beget

I'm not even Christian
But would much rather see
A Christmas that was spiritual
It's got to be the key

So let's think peace and happiness
And goodwill to all mankind
And make those wishes happen
I think that we will find

That the revolutionary message
That Jesus bought to us
Would make the world a better place
So to all and everyone I wish a Happy Christ-mas

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Broke Down blues

Woke up this morning
My car it didn't start
So I rang up the garage
To quote me for the part

I got the broke down blues
The broke down blues
My car it wouldn't start
I gotta use ma shoes

Went down to the garage
It's all down the hill
I gotta get the car there
Don't worry bout no bill

Yeah got the broke down blues
The broke down blues
Gotta get ma motor running
The mechanic needs his dues

Well the man with the spanner
He say the engines shot
Not gonna get it running
And it's gonna cost a lot

I got the broke down blues
The broke down blues
Can't get to see ma baby
Ain't gonna get me no flooze

So listen hear now people
If you don't want to pay
Don't be getting your hot wheels
From an auction on eBay

Oh I got the break down blues
Yeah the break down blues
Got no wheels a turnin
Got the broke down blues

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Revolting students

The students are revolting
We said this all along
But are facing big bad coppers
With a slogan and a song

They want an education
They don't want some hopeless debt
So they've taken to the streets
To face up to the Met

The students are revolting
Some barely in their teens
Are taking it to Parliament
They know what anger means

They face the armoured bully boys
To try to tell Nick Clegg
Now that you've all lied to us
We're gonna make you beg

The students are revolting
By dancing in the square
All they ask of parliament
Is to make the choices fair

These children of the nineties
Can only make you proud
As you stand there amongst them
That dedicated crowd

The students are revolting
They're just your kids and mine
Let's make sure they've got a future
So stand with them on the line

The students are revolting
I'm proud they made the stance
Let's sing their higher praises
And join them in the dance.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Winter from a train

GeoTagged, [N50.89934, E3.37280]

It's icy on the outside
The fields go flashing by
Dark skeletons of tree branch
Against the darkening sky

White fields of icy sculpture
The grass an icing froth
Sheep huddled gainst the hayrick
The lakes a solid broth

Ghostly shapes emerging
From the riming mist
Bushes sparkling brightly
Whitely blushing, frost kissed

Quilted horses blowing steam
Above the icy stream
Trains hot blasting
Through this winter dream

England in the winter
A monochromatic view
From my speeding window
On the train right back to you


Hey ho had to sell the landrover. Slight waterleak but to much to repair for me. £400 plus. Too much to put in a vehicle that only cost me £420. But with the work I did I got £750 back!

Winter train poem

My feet are slightly frozen
My nose is going blue
I've got a wooly hat on
I hope you've got one too

Cos the train is bloody freezing
It's getting rather cold
No heating in the carriage
The excuses are rather old

Can't understand why Its not working
Other carriages are warm
But hey this is Great Britain
And Great Western have got form

So a sub standard service
For a mighty mighty price
So we all sit here freezing
My toes are blocks of ice

No free hot coffee or chocolate
No refund of monies paid
Just blind indifference always
That's how profits are made

The temperature is falling
The windows covered with rime
There only one thing left to do
Men, I might be gone some time....